TDB Contest – Week 11 (2022)

Current Standings After Week 11

  1. Chris – 26000
  2. DubPar22 – 22000
  3. San Diego Trojan-20000
  4. Satyrdancing – 17500
  5. Trojan RJJ – 15250
  6. Troy5543 – 15000
  7. Rialto Trojan –14250

Wager Results:

Name: TROY5543 Status Wager
Beginning Balance   10,000.00
    5,000.00 Win USC -1.5 for 5,000
Ending Balance   15,000.00
Name: San Diego Trojan Status Wager
Beginning Balance   17,000.00
    4,000.00 Win Oregon +3 for 4000
   (1,000.00) Loss Oklahoma St +7.5 for 1000
Ending Balance   20,000.00
Name: Chris Status  Wager
Beginning Balance   13,000.00
  13,000.00 Win USC-1.5 for 13000
Ending Balance   26,000.00
Name: RialtoTrojan Status Wager
Beginning Balance     9,500.00
    4,750.00 Win USC -1.5 for 4750
Ending Balance   14,250.00
Name: TrojanRJJ Status Wager
Beginning Balance   10,250.00
    5,000.00 Win SC -1.5 for 5000
Ending Balance   15,250.00
Name: Satyrdancing Status Wager
Beginning Balance   16,500.00
    1,000.00 Win USC/UCLA over 75.5 for 1000
       500.00 Win Oregon St -7.5K for 500
      (500.00) Loss Colorado +30.5 for 500
Ending Balance   17,500.00
Name: DubPar22 Status Wager
Beginning Balance   16,000.00
    6,000.00 Win USC/UCLA over 75.5 for 6000
Ending Balance   22,000.00

UPDATED: 11/18/2022    Final Wagers

  • TrojanRJJ
    SC -1.5 for 5000
  • San Diego Trojan
    Oregon +3 for 4000
    Oklahoma St +7.5 for 1000
  • Chris
    USC-1.5 for 13000
  • Rialto Trojan
    USC -1.5 for 4750
  • Troy5543
    USC -1.5 for 5,000
  • DuPar22
    USC/UCLA total over 75.5 for 6000
  • Satyrdancing
    USC/UCLA game total over 75.5 for 1000
    Oregon St -7.5K for 500
    Colorado +30.5 for 500

Current Standings After Week 10

  1. San Diego Trojan-17000
  2. Satyrdancing – 16500
  3. DubPar22 – 16000
  4. Chris – 13000
  5. Trojan RJJ – 10250
  6. Troy5543 – 10000
  7. Rialto Trojan –9500
  8. Golden Trojan – 0
  9. M/M SteveG – 0
  10. Rock2112 – 0

Here are the games for Week 11 of the Contest
USC -1.5 at UCLA +1.5 at 5pm on FOX
USC/UCLA game total over 75.5 or under 75.5
Washington St -4.5 at Arizona +4.5 at 11am on PACN
Oregon St -7.5 at Arizona St +7.5 at 1115am on ESPN2
Texas -9.5 at Kansas +9.5 at 1230pm on FS1
Stanford +4.5 at CAL -4.5 at 230pm on PACN
Colorado +30.5 at Washington -30.5 at 6pm on PACN
Oklahoma St +7.5 at Oklahoma -7.5 at 430pm on ABC
Utah -3 at Oregon +3 at 730pm on ESPN

Please make your choices known by using the following format:
USC -9.5 for 1000
Utah/USC Over 64.5 for 500
The contest closes to weekly entries on Friday November 18, 2022 at 5pm P.T.

This Post will be updated throughout the week.

Please remember, this is supposed to be about fun and Trojan camaraderie.
There are no entry fees.
Every participant will receive 20,000 betting units.
You must bet a minimum of 1 game and 1,000 units each week
There will be a limited number of games to choose from each week.
The contest ends on December 4, 2022.
I will post the point spread for each week’s games on Monday
All wagers must be received by Friday at noon PT. (Exact date will posted weekly)
Wagers must be posted on the TDB (preferred) or they can be emailed to:
I will review each wager to make sure that it was correctly placed. I will then respond to your entries to let you know that they have been accepted.
If you do not see your wager acknowledgement please contact me as soon as possible by posting a comment on the blog prior to the first game you have wagered on.
If a game is cancelled or moved to another date, then that game will not be counted as a bet (no action).
Winning wagers will be paid as ‘even money’, for example; if you bet 1,000 units, you will win 1,000 units.
The winner will be determined by who has the most betting units in their account at the end of the contest.
I will keep track of everyone’s account and this accounting will be posted on TDB on Monday. Please review my figures. If you think that a mistake has been made you must contact me by 9pm Monday – otherwise these numbers will be considered official.
First Prize is: 150.00
Second Prize is: 75.00
Third Prize is: 25.00
If two people end up in first place, then the first and second prize will be added together and that amount will be split between the two winners.
I will handle all disputes and my decision will be final.
Anyone can be removed from the contest for exhibiting poor sportsmanship, as determined by me.
By making wagers on the games you acknowledge you agree to these rules.
John Weld—————————————————————-

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Active Member
November 16, 2022 8:21 pm

USC/UCLA game total over 75.5 for 1000
Oregon St -7.5K for 500
Colorado +30.5 for 500

Active Member
November 16, 2022 11:31 am

USC/UCLA game total over 75.5 for 6,000. 🏈

Noble Member
November 15, 2022 9:31 am

USC -1.5 for 5,000

Outstanding balance for the following Saturday versus the princess (Section 210A, Row 21, Seat 10).


Last edited 17 days ago by Troy5543
Knighted Member
November 14, 2022 7:34 pm

USC -1.5 for 4750,
Half left over for next week

Mt Rushmore
November 14, 2022 7:33 pm

let it ride!

USC-1.5 for 13000

San Diego Trojan
Diamond Member
San Diego Trojan(@san-diego-trojan)
November 14, 2022 6:48 pm

Oregon +3 for 4000
Oklahoma St +7.5 for 1000

Mt Rushmore
November 14, 2022 6:01 pm

Ha, so much for my attempt at a “dead cat bounce”!!! It is funny, but I think I lost every single bet I made on USC this season. One might blame that on betting with my heart instead of my brain, but I didn’t do that! I lost the two bets where I bet against USC, not buying the spread. And, after that 3-2 first quarter on Friday, I was feeling good about finally getting one of those to break my way, but nah. Anyway, it was fun! It looks like we have a spirited battle for first place going… Read more »

Mt Rushmore
November 14, 2022 7:48 pm
Reply to  Rock2112

I could not believe it when SC scored that last TD. I was thinking of you. Really a remarkable run, when you think about it. I lost both my bets last week. I decided to go half in this week and all in next. Let’s see what happens.

Mt Rushmore
November 14, 2022 8:30 pm
Reply to  TrojanRJJ

Good luck! Yeah, if anything, this has reminded me why I prefer to vacation in Hawaii instead of Vegas!

Mt Rushmore
November 14, 2022 5:26 pm

SC -1.5 for 5000. Go Trojans.