Todd McNair Moving Forward

Supposedly Todd McNair has recently turned down yet another massively large offer from the NCAA to settle his defamation lawsuit.

The former USC running backs coach has declined previous offers that were rumored to be north of $10 mil. His case has been winding its way through the judicial system for six years now. Apparently,  there is strong email evidence showing clear, overt bias by the NCAA COI members against McNair and USC, as well as the manipulation of evidence.

McNair’s trial date is set before Judge Frederick Shaller for April 18, 2018. Judge Shaller is a USC and Loyola Law School grad who was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court bench by Grey Davis in Sept 2003. Judge Shaller denied the NCAA’s original motion to dismiss in 2012. Numerous attempts by the NCAA to get Shaller removed from the case, alleging publicly demonstrated bias, have been unsuccessful. 

Shaller has overseen many high profile cases while serving in the Los Angeles court system. Should McNair’s case actually proceed to trial, which I still doubt, this would be a huge nationally spotlighted adjudication, especially as it also involves Reggie Bush, the only Heisman winner ever forced to forfeit his award.