Sherman Punks Carroll

Cornerback Richard Sherman, now just signed with the San Francisco 49ers, had this to say about his former coach Pete Carroll on The ThomaHawk Show podcast

“A lot of us have been here (in Seattle) for 6,7,8 years and Carroll’s philosophy is more built for college, where it’s just four years where you rotate in, you rotate out. We had all heard all his stories, every funny anecdote that he had, you know. He just recycles them. They’re cool stories. They’re great for team chemistry, and building, etc, etc,  But we had literally heard ’em all. We could recite ’em.”

Doug Gottlieb, subbing for Colin Cowherd, didn’t take kindly to Sherman’s remarks. “He was patronizing Pete Carroll who completely turned around the Seattle Seahawks, won one Super Bowl and should have won two,” said Gottlieb. “That is a slight. That’s not a term of endearment. That’s like talking about an old girlfriend. He did it out of vengeance. He’s obviously still upset about Seattle.

“He’s telling everyone that Carroll is a college guy. That’s like telling a coach he’s an interim coach, not a real coach. That he’s not a teacher, but a substitute teacher. That he’s not a police officer, but a security guard. That’s what he’s’ saying about Pete Carroll.

“Seattle needed to make some changes (getting rid of Sherman). When guys age, they go off the cliff. They were down 42-0 to the Rams at home in the most difficult place to play in the NFL. Seattle has gotten old and the Rams and the 49ers are getting better.

“Here’s Sherman, a dude who’s vengeful. That’s why he signed with San Francisco. Here’s a dude who’s arrogant. That’s why you negotiate a contract (with the 49ers) yourself. He’s one of those guys that everybody has said is really smart. Well, he’s really smart for a football player, but negotiating his own contract is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

“You hire a guy who is a professional agent to negotiate your contract. That’s what you do. There’s a specific skill requirement and a level of experience that is needed.

“Everyone in the NFL I’ve talked to said, ‘Dude, that’s not a good deal he signed. He got fleeced.’ Sherman’s an amateur walking into a professional game. He created zero leverage. You have to visit places and get other offers. You don’t sign with the first place you go to. Nobody does that unless you give them a home run offer (and Sherman didn’t sign for any guaranteed money).”