On a Strictly Personal Note…

In case you haven’t heard, one of my few, but all-time, baseball heroes as a child died Friday, Feb. 9.

Wally Moon, 87, who attended Texas A&M and is also a true Aggie legend, died in Bryan, Tex.

Moon played seven years with the L.A. Dodgers, from ’59-65, winning World Series titles in ’59, ’63 and ’65.

The only tenuous connection to USC here is that the Dodgers played four seasons in the Coliseum (’58-61) before moving to Dodger Stadium. A whopping 78,672 fans attended the first regular season Coliseum game against the Giants.

Vin Scully memorably dubbed his homers “Moon Shots” and they truly had to be for the lefty Moon if he hit to the Coliseum’s cavernous right field – 440 feet away, until later shortened. Fortunately for Moon, he resourcefully figured out how to uppercut his dingers to left field – only 251 feet to the stands, but heightened by a 42-foot screen. Of his 142 career home runs, Moon hit 37 out in the Coliseum.