NIT News & Notes

USC will next play on Monday, March 19th versus the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. The game will start at 8:30pm and be played at the Galen Center and televised on ESPN2.

Does anyone else feel like we continue to be haunted/cursed by Western Kentucky University, first in football (Helton & Callaway) and now the basketball team (our next opponent)? Clarification: Three years ago I had never heard of this school and yet during the last 3 years, the two schools paths have crossed often.

Did you know that the NIT likes to experiment with rule changes in their tournament and this year is no different. This year the game will be played in four, 10-minute quarters instead of two, 20-minutes halves. As a result there will be no 1+1 free throw shooting, all players will get 2 shots and teams will start shooting after a team racks up 5 fouls. The 3-point line was moved back 20 inches, the Free Throw line and the key was widened 4 feet to match the NBA. Lastly, after a missed shot and offensive rebound the shot clock gets reset 20 seconds instead of 30 seconds. The general hope of the NIT is that these rules changes will increase the pace of the game and create more offense.

So did you notice any of the changes?

Did any of the changes make any difference?