NCAA Continues To Dig Own Grave

Day Nine of the Todd McNair vs NCAA defamation case revolved around the testimony of Roscoe Howard, a self-described “expert on evidence” who, as a mere public member, was sitting in on his very first NCAA case  —  their action against the Trojans.

McNair’s attorneys are alleging that Howard, also a former federal prosecutor who was supposed to be only a harmless “non-voting observer” of the NCAA’s adjudication of McNair, deliberately went out of his way to color the NCAA’s decision and sink McNair and USC in the process.

Howard, looking more like a “pretend expert” in the words of some, brazenly admitted he never reviewed large and important parts of the relevant “recklessly constructed” record underlying the NCAA’s supposed case against USC.

None-the-less, he took it upon himself to starkly influence the Committee On Infractions’ decision against McNair with a four-and-a-half page email excoriating the USC asst, labeling him as an inveterate liar who shouldn’t be associating with young athletes. This all was in violation of the NCAA’s own rules.

It is alleged, and supported by some testimony, that Howard felt some members sitting on the COI didn’t really have the experience or background to know what they were doing and that his intervention was necessary to reach a proper anti-USC decision. He didn’t even care who initiated the infamous Lloyd Lake telephone call to McNair, or even in what year it actually occurred.

The bottom line  —  McNair’s lead attorney, Bruce Broillet, is aggressively building the case that the NCAA was always vindictively out to get USC, resorted to any means to do so, and the surprise hiring of Lane Kiffin as Pete Carroll’s replacement only further inflamed the NCAA and hardened the COI’s commitment to bring down the Trojan football program.

Many, including myself, doubted this case would ever go to trial, based on the legally forced release of information to the public through the years, revealing the NCAA’s documentation supporting their intent to ruin McNair’s career, while blowing up the Trojans. Recent days of testimony have only served to reinforce that thinking, as day 10 of the trial is set to begin later this morning before Judge Frederick Shaller in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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