McNair Verdict Is In!

The jury has just returned a verdict in favor of the NCAA in the McNair vs NCAA case in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The jury voted 9-3 that the NCAA did not make a false statement about Todd McNair. It seems like the breach of contract and negligence causes of action should have never been dropped.

So much for vindication. So much for all the talk that USC should have ever sued the NCAA. At best, that would have always been a ridiculously drawn-out, and likely a losing battle as well  —  as the NCAA wields so much power which all member schools agree to when they sign up. Anyway, it’s all speculation now.

Only one thing is certain IMO. This jury just did not feel the NCAA legally wronged McNair within the confines of “defamation”, at least in any way deserving of legal compensation.

Todd McNair  —  “I would like to thank all the Trojan faithful that supported me these past seven years. It really meant a lot.”

The jury foreman issued the following statement: “I don’t think the NCAA should come away thinking that they did something right. We wanted to do something. We wanted to do something right.”

Keely Eure ( “The jury read all six hours of Lloyd Lake’s interview with the NCAA. They did not find Lake credible, but wondered why Lake did not testify during the trial.”

Bruce Broillet (McNair’s attorney): “Very disappointed. Disappointed in the result. Assessing the situation and considering our next steps.”