Klatt On Darnold

College football analyst Joel Klatt had this to say earlier today, while watching Baker Mayfield’s Pro Day at Oklahoma, on Sam Darnold’s likelihood of being picked No. 1 in the Draft:

“I do think Sam Darnold will go No. 1. That’s the consensus I’m getting. When you look at all these quarterbacks there are questions about each and every one of them. I think with Darnold though, the questions tend to be answered a little more positively or easily.

“One of the things I’ve loved about Sam Darnold is that he made his team-mates so much better. When they played Alabama without him two years ago, they were not even in the same hemisphere. Then he comes in and all of the sudden they win the Rose Bowl and then go on and win the Pac-12 championship.

“They were anemic on offense, schematically. They didn’t have great players around him, their offensive line was bad and he was forced into a position where he needed to force the football downfield. That’s why I think you saw some of the turnovers and that’s why I think Cleveland’s gonna lean towards that and probably pick Sam No. 1.”

By the way, former Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen is working with Mayfield at his Pro Day. According to Klatt, Mayfield shows good velocity, accuracy and touch. While he only ranks Mayfield as a 7-7.5 on a 10 scale, Klatt emphasizes that because of his amazing on-the-field competitiveness, he doesn’t see Mayfield falling out of the top six.

While that obviously doesn’t match up with his 7.5 grade, what Klatt was trying to say is that Mayfield is way better than the sum of his parts when it comes to winning games for you. Said MMQB writer Robert Klemko, “What I heard from a head coach the other day is, ‘Baker Mayfield’s a flavor, and somebodies gonna love that flavor.'”

Klatt will also be watching Josh Rosen throw at UCLA tomorrow.