It’s Almost Over

The great thing is…it’s almost over. All our speculation about former USC football asst Todd McNair taking the NCAA down, and fully to the cleaners, is about to be answered. We could even know by Monday, though I doubt it.

T-Mac has thankfully benefitted from the best legal help imaginable and the facts are all out there for a jury, and just as well, the world, to evaluate.

No excuses now. The jury will soon speak. This sad chapter of USC football will mercifully and officially come to a close in a Los Angeles Superior Courtroom  —  Room 500 of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse to be clear.

All would have been just fine and copacetic had the NCAA just been reasonable with USC in the first place — like they are/were with seemingly everyone else.

But oh, no. USC had gotten way too big for its britches, too successful in the minds of the feeble, yet thoroughly corrupt NCAA’s Committee on Infractions (and their so-called non-voting partners-in-crime).

These shameless people decided to turn T-Mac into the devil incarnate in order to fry USC. They chose convicted felon and liar Lloyd Lake, and other unsubstantiated or weak evidence, over fair-minded justice in order to accomplish their goal.

As I said at the beginning  —  this is the official close of a sad chapter in USC football history. Maybe ironically, that chapter had just been preceded by one of USC’s greatest. It was so fun, some would say hilarious, going up against Notre Dame, UCLA, or whomever, year after year and knowing the Trojans literally had no chance of losing on certain days.

I’d be laughing with friends, during the early-to-mid Pete Carroll years, while we gathered outside the Coliseum before games with great food and sometimes we joked about the non-losable rivalry game just hours away. Maybe it would even be a slaughter. There was no tension.

From 2001-2007, the Trojans compiled a 35-game winning streak at home. That amazing run ended on Oct. 6, 2007, with a brutal, incomprehensible, final minute 24–23 loss to 41-point underdog Stanford, and their first-year head coach Jim Harbaugh. The earth shifted on its axis a little for Trojan football that day.

And the hope here is that the earth below USC’s football feet tilts a little bit back to normal when the T-Mac verdict gets announced next week  —  both for his sake, and for ours as well.

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