Eric Mobley Already Delivering

Under extreme pressure last season from the bright lights of a pervasive and harmful FBI investigation, asst coach Tony Bland’s arrest and indictment on bribery charges, and possible improper player benefits along with actual suspensions, Andy Enfield doubled-down big in March and hired AAU’s Compton Magic coach Eric Mobley.

Mobley’s two hoopster-star sons (2019 PF Isaiah and 2020 C Evan) could be just what Tommy Trojan ordered for USC roundball  —   and as of yesterday, Magic super recruit Onyeka Okongwu (left) will also play in the Galen Center. “I think we have a chance to make something really special. I just want to hoop and that’s it,” proclaimed Okongwu, seemingly unfazed by the FBI, and possible NCAA ramifications.

2019 five-star PF Okongwu (28 pts, 12 rebs, 6-foot-8 with a 7-foot plus wingspan) jumped the gun and pulled off his big reveal at Chino Hills High around noon, and what flashed was a big Fight On! logo.

USC rarely competes successfully against programs like UCLA and Kansas for possible one-and-done-type talent, but yesterday, Enfield showed he has really come to play. Sure, maybe Okongwu would have chosen USC without the Mobley connection, but why gamble, even though it’s now officially legal in sports betting.

Okongwu never even took any official visits. Of course, nothing is official yet. But the Mobley nexus is official enough.

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