Conference of Champions, Huh?

It seems to me the Pac-12 has become a little, actually make that hugely, full of itself.

There’s way too much hubris within the so-called “Conference of Champions”, which can’t win a bowl game or a March Madness affair for the life of itself. Well, it’s not the CoC anymore, certainly not where it counts, in football and basketball. Larry Scott’s got some explaining to do. Time to step up Mr. Commissioner.

The Pac-12 thought all was gonna be well and good with Scott and his new big TV contract, which isn’t so new anymore. Problem is, it turned out that Scott didn’t deliver and neither did the so-called big TV deal – not compared to others at least. Not even close. And the Pac-12 Network and its mediocre, often sparse programming and content just don’t measure up, frankly. Sorry Scott, but it’s true.

The Pac-12 is now officially an afterthought when it comes to the two college sports America overwhelmingly cares about the most. Just changing some head coaches isn’t going to fix everything either. There needs to be a complete re-emphasis by each member school on the big revenue sports as crucial to the overall success of the Pac-12.

This starts with the schools themselves who have to decide if Larry Scott’s handling of the Pac-12 is serving the needs of those who aren’t satisfied with flunking the test on both the gridiron and the hardwood. Do the Pac-12’s university presidents see Scott’s mission as a total failure like the fans do? Therein might lie the biggest question of all. Perhaps they don’t. That’s a scary thought.