Broillet Delivers The Hurt

Todd McNair’s brilliant lead attorney, Bruce Broillet, delivered the following summation to the jury as just a minuscule part of his opening statement yesterday.

Broillet described the NCAA’s adjudication of McNair as, “a botched investigation that produced a recklessly constructed record upon which a committee of the NCAA, having been inappropriately influenced in violation of its own rules, rendered a report published everywhere that defamed and misrepresented the facts based on that recklessly constructed record . . . Football is a game. Football coaches’ reputations are not.”

That’s the McNair case against the NCAA in a nutshell: Botched. Reckless. Inappropriate. Violation. Defamatory. Misrepresentation. Reputation. And that’s just a little taste of what the NCAA is going to have to shoot down if it expects to avoid going up in smoke at the hands of Broillet and McNair.

Other illuminating Broillet opening statement revelations about McNair:

  1. McNair’s life spiraled seriously downward after the NCAA defamed him.
  2. He started drinking heavily.
  3. He worked odd jobs while struggling with depression.
  4. He also became an Uber driver. As a USC assistant, McNair earned $250,000 yearly.
  5. McNair will coach high school football this upcoming season.