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This discussion subject is inspired by TDB member SAS. It’s worthy of this blog’s complete attention and I hope you will chime in with your thoughts. Here is SAS’s comment presented as a post, in its entirety:

Sorry to go so off topic Allen, but I have a question since you are a veteran and pioneer in the recruiting side of HS/CFB besides being a well rounded football/sports observer with a great knowledge of sports. But going back to our signing day haul,  LB group in particular, we had on paper potentially a historic class – in my opinion at least. We still have Cam Smith, and John Houston starting, but we still forget that we have Levi Jones ready to go into Spring Football Camp and hopefully be a big part of the defense and/or become a starter.

Then we have Jordan Iosefa, Oluwole “Wolé” Betiku, who is not as football experienced as the rest of the roster, but in my opinion would be a lot further along at places that play DEFENSE 1st – like Michigan, Bama, OSU, Clemson, FSU, Wisconsin, LSU (We could have had Dave Aranda), and most of the time Stanford. Then you throw Raymond Scott (will participate in Spring Ball), Solo Tuliaupupu, Palaie Gaoteote, and Kana’i Maugu (I think he could surprise us down the road).
That’s a general run down of our LB talent that is far and above the other 11 Pac-12 rosters but also up there with those programs I had mentioned.

We have the talent. There’s no hiding behind sanctions/player #s anymore. What is your honest opinion on Clancy Pendergast? Does he have the ability, knowledge, and personality to get these kids to play like a top of the line LB Group? Does he run a practice worth of preparing these players to rotate and contribute?

I hope he proves me wrong but I think he’s overrated.

I would like to hear your view on this. I know you are closer and see the picture up close and have a lot to say.

Also, TO EVERYONE….. Jump In!