Another Look at Wallace’s UCLA Reality…

This was originally published back on Aug. 18 on the TDB. In case you missed it…

These are five “hilarious” reasons given by Fansided’s Gavin Jernigan supporting his view that UCLA will be better than USC in 2018  —  each disputed by Allen Wallace.

  1. Pac-12 Coaching Guru — “Chip Kelly has a great track record in the Pac-12, and has no reason not to continue his dominance in the conference.”

Wallace’s RealityChip Kelly’s offensive system at ORE has long since been duplicated, rehashed and improved since he left to fail in the NFL. He won’t be catching a single soul off guard in 2018. His once innovative, breakneck speed Duck offense is now an antique. As Kelly recently said, maybe he’ll spring the old single wing on us all and catch everyone sleeping. If only it were so simple Chip.

  1. Quarterback Position — “Regardless who starts for the Trojans, none are even close to the quality of Wilton Speight.”

Wallace’s Reality — Anyone who has ever watched Wilton Speight play saw him disappoint time and time again as the MICH QB. Speight is officially the anti-clutch signal caller. He never saw an open receiver he couldn’t miss when it counted. Honestly, last season, Speight was one of the worst Wolverine QBs I have ever seen. Jim Harbaugh needed to bring in OLE MISS transfer Shea Patterson to give MICH any chance at ever beating OHIO ST in the immediate future.

  1. Defense Wins Championships — “However, with such depth on the defensive side of the ball, (def coord) Jerry Azzinaro can rest easy that “the next man up” will fill in any role with little to no issue.”

Wallace’s Reality — Can anyone really imagine the Bruins ever playing good defense without a complete overhaul of their personnel? Opponents ran for almost 390 yds per game against the predictably super-soft Bruins last season. Bruin defenses are always bad. “Next man up” sounds more like, “Oops, there goes another running back…”

  1. Schedule — “With home-field advantage, UCLA and Chip Kelly are poised to take back the rivalry in a blowout game against the Trojans. After a big win and confirmation that the Bruins are the best team in Los Angeles, UCLA plays Stanford at home. UCLA should finish up the season at 8-4 and a chance to be in first place in the Pac-12 South.”

Wallace’s Reality — Predicting an upcoming “blowout” over USC in USC’s home-away-from-home stadium is like believing that Donald Trump’s days of tweeting are over. My favorite part of the Rose Bowl is Johnny Morton’s corner, where Morton hauled in the perfect pass from Todd Marinovich in 1990 to beat Tommy Maddox, 45-42. The Bruins will be lucky to win more than six games this season. Stanford has whomped them nine straight years and USC 15 out of the last 19. Who’s counting?

  1. Cultural Differences — “Many people refer to USC as the University of Spoiled Children. This nickname sheds light to one of the generalizations made regarding the culture of USC. Although, there are indeed some contradictions to the generalizations when comparing USC and UCLA. USC is located in downtown Los Angeles where crime and homeless rates are raging.”

Wallace’s Reality — Downtown L.A. is truly where it’s at now and everybody knows it. The stupendous revival of downtown ever since Staples Center arrived and the redevelopment of the Figueroa corridor as well as the entire area surrounding USC, highlighted by George Lucas’ already under construction $1 billion Exposition Park Museum of Narrative Art, makes Westwood look like a boring locale for old shoe stores and Café Americano hangouts. UCLA just can’t stand that USC is now their complete academic equal, so the Bruins still like to pretend they don’t have any “silver spooners” on their state-strapped campus, always good for a chuckle.