And His Number Is?

Whatever you think of numerology, USC’s six new early entrants will be wearing the following numbers, at least during spring ball.

Other USC players of note to have worn the same numbers are in parens.

Junior Seau’s famous #55 remains unassigned.

  • #15 S Talanoa Hufanga (Nelson Agholor, Dave Farmer)
  • #17 CB Chase Williams (Don Williams, Ernie Pinkert, Mike Battle)
  • #26 OLB Kanai Mauga (Jon Arnett, Willie Brown, Shelton Diggs)
  • #48 ILB Raymond Scott (Ernie Smith, Andre Heidari)
  • #57 OC Justin Dedich (David Lewis, Dave Brown)
  • #96 DL Caleb Tremblay (Darrell Russell, Lawrence Jackson)